Now in Africa

Hey everyone! We are finally in Africa.  My brother, sisters, and I would like to thank you for all of your prayers and support! We arrived safely last night and are currently staying in Nairobi.

To all of my friends, I want ya’ll to know how much fun I am already having. Yesterday we took two planes; the first plane we took arrived in Amsterdam (that’s in Holland). The second plane we took arrived in Nairobi, though the flight was tiring and our stomachs were empty, we managed to make it to the hotel (dramatic, I know!).

Today I went to have lunch with some of my parents’ friends. We also went to a shop called, Amani. All of the products at Amani are made by African women who have been war victims or women who have been through tough times.

Though I’m having tons of fun I miss all of you terribly and can’t wait to see you again. You have been a big part of making this a more exciting trip for me. I promise to keep you posted and please add a comment so that I know how all of you are doing! I really, really, really miss you.

Hugs and Kisses,
Georgia Grace

Jambo everybody

Jambo everybody!!! We arrived safely late last night at Komo Kenyatta! (A Kenyan airport) Last night we were at the baggage claim area and had just taken our last bag from the conveyer belt when we started to realize that our ride was not there! We searched through the crowd of drivers in search of our own. A lady on the airport staff let us borrow her cell phone because it was just a coincidence that my dad’s international-phone was not working at the time! So we called the lady that was supposed to arrange our ride and she said to get a van/taxi from Express (a taxi service). God protected us and we arrived at our hotel safely! This morning we went to a store that is like a Kenyan Wal-Mart but not as nice! We are going to the hospital in two tiny airplanes tomorrow morning so please pray that our next flight will be safe and smooth!

Houston to Holland to Africa

Well, late last night we got off the air plane that had gone from Houston to Holland then to Africa. It was a long plane ride at least sixteen hours. Right after we landed my Dad told me what his dad always said after they landed in another country on a mission trip:  “DEVIL I’M HERE!” Now that always reminds me now however powerful the devil is but God is beyond that. One way he tried to make us give up was that our ride wasn’t at the airport so my dad made a few adjustments and we got a safe driver who was very nice. So we’re at the hotel. Tomorrow we will leave Nairobi and fly in two small airplanes with two kids in one and two kids in the other one. See ya!

Finally on our way!

Well, we are finally on our way! We are on a KLM flight mid-way between Amsterdam and Nairobi. I’m watching a beautiful sunset over the continent of Africa as I type this note. The unrest in Kenya quieted down enough for us to have a window of opportunity to travel. Even as we make the last leg of our flight to Nairobi, the plane is only 30% full—a clear reminder of the toll the unrest has taken on foreign tourism. We will be in Nairobi two days and then we will load our family and all our bags and supplies into two small Cessna airplanes four a 140 mile trip into western Kenya. We will be working in a 300 bed mission hospital that was founded in the 1950’s and is run by several mission organizations (African Inland Mission, World Gospel Mission among others). We will be working alongside several full-time missionary doctors/surgeons. The plan is for us to work with them two weeks and then several of us short term doctors give them a two week “break” to travel to attend a conference for continuing medical education. Jenn will continue to home school the kids during the morning. In the afternoons they will hike, go to the local village, and work in the pediatric wards, perhaps even an orphanage. Most of you know that Jenn is a registered nurse. I hope to get her back in the OR with me.

We will live on the hospital grounds in a guest cottage within walking distance of the hospital. The children are excited because there will be 8-10 other missionary children at the hospital/compound during our stay. This should supply lots of social interaction after they have done their school work.

Pray for our safe passage through Nairobi and on to western Kenya. Pray for our continued good health. Pray that my skills in surgery would return to me quickly. Pray that we will be a blessing and encouragement to all the missionaries. Pray that we will have lots of opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to a world in need.

We will stay in touch.
Paul and Jennifer

P.S. Many thanks to Duncan Dodds and Jeana Lawrence for the help with the web site. We really appreciate your time and expertise.