Dr. Paul Osteen Shares About His Zambia Trip at Lakewood Church

In a recent Lakewood Church service, Dr. Paul Osteen shared with the congregation about the last three and half months he spent in northwestern Zambia at Mukinge Mission Hospital. As a missionary surgeon, Dr. Paul spends several months each year serving in mission hospitals, and it is through this service that he was inspired along with his wife, Jennifer, to start the Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) Conference.  M3 is an annual conference with a vision to help people “connect with others, be inspired, and find their mission.”

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Dr. Paul Osteen on Mission to Mukinge

The rugged bush country of Zambia’s Northwest Province holds special meaning for Dr. Paul Osteen. At the foot of Mukinge Hill stands a nearly 70-year-old mission hospital complex, where patients flock to receive compassionate care as well as quality medical treatment. Mukinge Mission Hospital has become a second home for the surgeon, a sacred place where he spends three or four months a year operating on patients and lending a helping hand to the overworked staff. Click here to continue reading this great article written by World Medical Mission on Dr. Paul’s mission to Mukinge.

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First Canadian Surgical Team Serves at Tenwek Hospital

Dr. David Horne, a Halifax paediatric heart surgeon, attended the 2016 M3 Conference and was so inspired by Dr. Russ White’s presentation that year. Dr. White, who is the Chief of Surgery and Director of Medical Education at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, East Africa, and Dr. Horne had the opportunity to connect and talk about opportunities to serve at Tenwek. A year later, Dr. Horne joined Dr. Mike Liske’s Tennessee cardiac team who have been serving at Tenwek each year since 2008, and immediately, David knew it was where God had called him. So, he joined them again in 2018, bringing two more Canadians with him to work on building a Canadian team. Excitingly, just this past May, Team Canada Paediatric Cardiac surgery team, consisting of 13 medical and 3 non-medical volunteers, went to Tenwek to fulfill the team’s mandate to train Tenwek’s staff and build the surgical program to perform increasingly complex open-heart surgeries without the need for North American support. To read more about Dr. David Horne and his passion to serve the people of Kenya through Samaritan’s Purse World Medical Mission, click here.

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M3 Conference Collaboration at its Best!

“Just say yes” doesn’t mean you have to be a missionary “in” Africa.  M3 friend, Linda Moore, said “yes” and utilized her relational gift of networking to connect Texas, Alaska and Africa.

Linda and her husband, Randy, have been leading mission teams from Texas to Alaska for several years, and in that time, have enjoyed getting to know MCA Church, Alaska Medical Missions and their respective teams. Linda and Randy have played an integral role in preparing to bring the first Champions Club for special needs children to Alaska, which will be housed at MCA Church. Two years ago, they had the pleasure of meeting M3 Conference speaker Dr. Anne Alaniz, who is also the Co-Founder of Pothawira (Safe Haven) in Malawi, Africa. Then, leading up to this past M3 Conference, they made a connection with Judah 1.

In God’s perfect plan, four of these organizations – Alaska Medical Missions, Champions Club, Pothawira and Judah 1 – were exhibitors at the 2019 M3 Conference, and that’s when the pieces started falling into place. With her special insight, Linda went to work introducing and connecting these organizations, and on June 23rd in Anchorage, Alaska, this beautiful collaboration came full circle. Judah 1 took the needed equipment and supplies for the Champions Club from Texas to Alaska, and then successfully loaded up 25 ICU baby cribs onto Judah 1’s aircraft, which were supplied by Alaska Medical Missions, to be taken to Malawi, Africa, where they will be utilized at the Pothawira (Safe Haven) clinic.

As Linda says, “No human can possibly take credit for the blessing that took place.”

This is why we at M3 do what we do. Testimonies like this motivate and reaffirm our vision to help people connect with others, be inspired, and find their mission. To be a part of this amazing global healthcare experience, click here to register for the 2020 M3 Conference to be held on February 21-22 in Houston, Texas. Register by July 31st and save 25% with code: M32020SPECIAL