Lauren Found Her Mission at M3 and So Can You – M3 Conference Registration Now Open!

From finding her mission at the 2016 M3 Conference to moving to Haiti to serve with Mission of Hope Haiti, we at M3 are excited to announce that Lauren Raschke, long-term missionary nurse, will be one of our 2019 M3 Conference speakers!

Lauren was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and she graduated from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Following graduation, she started her dream job at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and continued there for eight years.  In 2014, Lauren went on her first mission trip, and that is when God put missions on her heart.  Later in 2015, she went on her first medical mission trip, and this is when God made her aware of how comfortable her life was and how she lacked any need of Him.  This realization led her to pray for God to reveal what He wanted of her; she prayed that wherever He wanted her to go, she would go. It was with this open heart and spirit of expectancy that Lauren attended the 2016 M3 Conference. Lauren knew that God would reveal what she was to do next, and God didn’t fail her. God showed up and gave her 100% confirmation that her next step was to commit to long-term missions with Mission of Hope Haiti. Six months later, Lauren had moved out of her apartment, quit her dream job, and said goodbye to her life in Houston to begin her journey of faith.

Lauren is excited to share her story of how God took a shy, unconfident girl, and turned her into a full-time missionary leading medical teams each week to work in mobile clinics all over Haiti.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to see Lauren, along with many other great speakers, at the 2019 M3 Conference. Register by December 1st and receive 25% off your conference registration with promo code: M32019SPECIAL

Mission of Hope Haiti (MOHH) exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. They do this by focusing on four key areas: healthy churches, healthy people, a healthy economy, and healthy schools. Through partnerships with local churches and indigenous organizations throughout Haiti, MOHH feeds over 91,000 children daily, impacts over 10,000 students through education, trains over 1,700 farmers, and provides medical care to over 30,000 patients annually.

If, like Lauren, you feel called into long-term missions, Mission of Hope Haiti is looking for licensed medical professionals (PA, NP, RN, Paramedic) who are interested in serving for at least one year leading mobile clinic teams in Haiti.  For more information or to apply, email or call (512) 256-0835.

Shop With A Purpose, Shop Fair Trade

October is Fair Trade month! What is “Fair Trade?” Fair trade is a movement to support economic opportunities for marginalized communities through ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable production. When you buy Fair Trade, you know the hands who made what you purchase. You also know that your product was made in safe working conditions and the person was paid fairly.

We are excited to announce that once again, the M3 Conference will have a fair trade store! It will be hosted by HandUp Global Goods (HUGG) – they offer a ‘hand up’ for teens transitioning out of orphanages to eliminate a life of ‘handouts.’

HUGG lovingly empowers young men living in impoverished communities to transform their lives and the lives of those around them through a holistic development process. From providing a job, to spiritual development, financial literacy, and vocational training, HUGG equips these young men to become responsible workers, family members, and community leaders.  The results extend beyond the individual men and transform families and communities.  Click here to learn more about HandUp Global Goods.

Click here to register to attend the M3 Conference on February 22 and 23, 2019, and be sure to stop by the HUGG market place at the conference.

M3 Hosts Luncheon for Local Partners

M3 was honored to host over 40 of our local partner organizations this week at a luncheon to discuss the 2019 M3 Conference. We heard from Dr. Paul and Jennifer Osteen as they expressed their appreciation to old and new friends of M3 and announced plans for the upcoming conference. Dr. Julian and Devyn Swanson also joined us to share about their first year as long-term missionaries serving in Peru. They provided a fresh perspective of what it is like serving as a couple and the different roles they play on the mission field.  Several M3 partners highlighted what their organizations are doing in the global healthcare arena. And, at the end of the luncheon, we were able to spend some time connecting, encouraging each other, and finding ways we can link arms to advance the work of medical missions. It was an afternoon well spent, and we look forward to all getting together again on February 22 and 23, 2019, at the 4th annual M3 Conference!

We invite you to join us, click here to register today!


WWJD: What if Jesus Went on Hospital Rounds with Me?

As Christians and as medical “missionaries” we are called to a higher standard. We are not just there to respect human dignity but to share the compassion, love, and mercy of Christ. We must ask ourselves: Are we engaging people in our medical ministry as Jesus would? Are our interactions with patients and staff glorifying Christ?

I know there are no simple answers for giving good care in mission hospitals or for being a good medical missionary, especially in settings that do clinical education. I also know that these environments can be extremely challenging and frustrating for professionals trained in the West. Finding people who are modeling best practices as “medical missionaries” and learning from them as a new missionary is crucial.

Prioritizing time for a personal devotional life, seeking out good mentors, keeping an attitude of continuously learning from our national colleagues, and sincerely loving them and those we serve are all great starting places.  However, what will define our ministry is did we show Christ’s love, compassion, and respect for human dignity to our patients and to our national colleagues?

Click here to continue reading this great post by Greg Seager, RN, MSN, Founder and CEO of Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC).