Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well.

I have had an absolutely amazing, incredible day. We went back down the creek yesterday, and I finally swam. Though we did encounter a problem on our way to the creek, young men and boys were bathing in the creek. (It is part of their culture I guess) But aside from that I had a fun time, the water was freezing!

Earlier that morning I went to an orphanage. There we played with tons of kids. They were all very kind but so many of them had depressing stories. There have been some road blocks that have caused lots of problems….

Well, back to the good news, after we went to the creek there was a cook out with all of the missionaries. Luckily we were invited! There were all kinds of great food and desert….It was so much fun! Later that night we (the kids) had a party of our own at the Bemm’s house. (The Bemm’s are long term missionaries here in Kenya) We watched Racing Stripes and had cake. That was REALLY fun!

And so now here we are today….today I went to church at the church many of the missionaries go to. It was a sweet church of not more than 50 members. It had a great service and had great praise and worship! Well that’s all for now,

Georgia Grace