We attended our first church service this morning.  About 100 people, most of who work in the hospital, gather together for a service.  We read scripture, sang hymns–My Jesus I Love Thee, Are You Washed in the Blood?, There is a Fount… and then the Kenyan worship team led us in some songs that we sing at Lakewood—Shout to the Lord, These Are the Days of Elijah.

During the service, they welcomed all of the visitors who had come to serve at the hospital.  They stressed that most visiting doctors had cancelled their trips because of the conflict and how our coming not only was such a welcome help for them, but an inspiration for other doctors to consider coming as well.  They are SO grateful for all of us who have come to help.  This really blessed and encouraged us.  I’m so glad we persevered and made the trip.

Most of you have probably read that the violence continues here in Kenya—some very close to where we are.  Most feel like the country is teetering on spinning out of control.  The message this morning focused on how the conflict here in Kenya is really just a reflection of the spiritual conflict between good and evil, God and Satan, love and hate, light and darkness.  The Kenyan pastor posed the question to all of us:  “What are God’s people to do?”  He made such great points—we need to stand up for righteousness, resist hatred and violence and pray for the God to intervene. And that we serve an awesome and powerful God who is able to bring peace and unity to this country.  It was a great and timely message.

We have a restful Sunday afternoon planned (meaning we don’t have a TV or car!) and we’re ready for the start of our first full week here at the hospital.  Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you posted.