M3 Attendees Join Child Legacy International’s Clean Water Climb

Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) was honored to partner with Child Legacy International (CLI) and their Clean Water Climb initiative for the 2017 M3 Conference.  M3 is so excited to announce that seven M3 Conference attendees will be joining CLI this September on their Clean Water Climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro! The purpose of this annual climb is to raise awareness and funds for clean water in Malawi, Africa. You may be thinking, “Why climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro?” It’s simple. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. It reaches an outrageous 19,341 feet. That’s nearly 4 miles upward. This mountain is large, and that is a perfect representation of the enormity of the water problem in Malawi, Africa.

Death and disease, because of unclean drinking water, are heartbreaking and preventable, and should move us to take action. When God breaks our heart for the things that break His, we are moved to do things beyond the limits we place on ourselves. The Clean Water Climb was created to bring clean water to Malawi, Africa, in the name of Jesus, through a four part mission: Clean Water Fundraising, Acclimatization Safari, Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike, and Water Well Repairs / Gospel Presentation in the villages and schools of Malawi.

For this purpose, CLI brings people and organizations together who have a passion to quench the thirst of those seeking clean water.  At the M3 Conference, people are able to connect with great organizations, like Child Legacy International, to help meet the pressing needs around the globe while bringing all glory to God!

We know our M3 Attendees will be blessed as they bless the people of Malawi, and we look forward to sharing an update with you when they return from their climb.  In the meantime, please be sure to keep the Clean Water Climb team in your prayers as they go to Africa to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Church Partnership – Together We’re Better

Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) would like to extend a very big thank you to all of our Church Partners! Because of our Church Partnerships, we were able to spread the word about M3 even further to beautiful mission-minded congregations.  Our Church Partners helped us propel the vision of M3 – “Connect with others. Be inspired. Find your mission.”

To be a Church Partner of M3 means to come alongside us to promote the vision of the conference to your congregation. To inquire about becoming a Church Partner of the upcoming 2018 M3 Conference, please click here to contact us.

To learn more about the heart and mission of each of our 2017 Church Partners, please click the name of each Church Partner below to visit their individual websites. Truly, we couldn’t have done it without them because together, we are better!

Crosspoint Church Bellaire


First Presbyterian Church of Houston

Grace Church

Grace International Ministries & Churches

Hope City

Houston’s First Baptist Church

Lakewood Church

Seacoast Church

West U Baptist

Woodlands Church

Café Las Misiones – Coffee That Supports Missionaries

Café Las Misiones is a specialty coffee from Nicaragua that supports missionaries and non-profit humanitarian organizations.

Over the years, countless volunteers have traveled to Nicaragua to work alongside missionaries. Oftentimes, when it is time to return home, they take back a bag of Nicaragua’s renowned coffee. Café Las Misiones was created to sell coffee directly from a Nicaraguan farm with the majority of the proceeds benefiting missions. Now, Café Las Misiones is available on-line, so wherever supporters are, they can enjoy Nicaraguan coffee while supporting missionaries. Café Las Misiones has also expanded beyond Nicaragua and now partners with missionaries and humanitarian organizations from around the world.

Café Las Misiones coffee is from a fourth generation family farm located in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. The farm is committed to sustainable practices including the highest social, economic and environmental standards for fellow Nicaraguans and natural resources. This specialty coffee has low acidity with light to medium body and boasts smooth, sweet and soft characteristics with citrus accents. Its unique quality is maintained since it is never blended with other coffees.

Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) was honored to have Café Las Misiones at the 2017 M3 Conference. Together we are encouraging people to shop with a purpose by using premium Nicaraguan coffee to support the inspiring work of missionaries and humanitarian organizations across the globe.Café las Misiones

Click here to learn more about Café Las Misiones.

Arianna Shirk, MD – Why America Needs Africa: How Relationships Can Be a Turning Point in Medical Missions

As the medical infrastructure in Africa grows, the need for medical missions and role of American physicians is changing rapidly.

In this session at the 2017 M3 Conference, Dr. Arianna Shirk, a pediatrician at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, will discuss the importance of building relationships with native healthcare workers, the nuances of training and discipleship, and the doors that can open when the work is approached with humility and deference.

Click here to learn more about the programs, projects and opportunities at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kenya.