M3 Welcomes Dr. Jennifer Gray to the 2018 M3 Conference

Jennifer Gray

Today we want to introduce another talented speaker that will be at this year’s M3 Conference and also the organization she is proud to be a part of that will be exhibiting this year. First, let’s get to know Dr. Jennifer Gray.

Jennifer D. Gray, MD is a pediatrician in private practice in a suburb of Houston at Pearland Pediatrics.  She received her undergraduate degree from Baylor University, Medical Degree from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston and completed residency training at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 2014 she began serving on short-term medical mission trips with Mission of Hope Haiti.  Jennifer’s time in Haiti has inspired her to share with others about how God is working through Mission of Hope to change Haitian lives, and it has given her a desire to introduce others to medical missions by showing that there is a lasting value in serving short term.

As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti.  Founded in 1998, Mission of Hope Haiti established an onsite orphanage, medical facility, school, and church.  Through expansion and partnerships, Mission of Hope serves its surrounding regions of influence through education, healthcare, agriculture, nutrition, and community development programs.  The medical clinic on campus is fully Haitian run and includes an emergency room, vision clinic, dental clinic, and prosthetic lab.  Mission of Hope utilizes visiting mission trip teams to serve through local churches and schools in eighteen villages with on-going mobile medical clinics and community health initiatives.

Jennifer will be speaking on “The Long and Short of It: Realizing the Bigger Vision while Serving Short Term” in her breakout session on Saturday. Mission of Hope Haiti will also be an exhibitor at this year’s conference. We hope you join us on February 23 & 24! Click here to register now.

M3 Welcomes Greg Seager to the 2018 M3 Conference

greg seager

Just when you think our list of speakers can’t get any more impressive – we introduce you to Greg Seager.

Greg Seager is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC), the only mission organization that specializes specifically in sending and supporting healthcare professionals as long-term missionaries. CHSC has a growing full-time medical missionary staff in 15 countries around the world. Greg Seager is also the author of When Healthcare Hurts: An Evidence Based Guide for Best Practices in Global Health Initiatives. When Healthcare Hurts is the first book to look seriously at the challenges of patient safety and developmental safety in global health missions, and it defines evidence-based guidelines through which these issues can be addressed.

Greg holds a Masters in Nursing/Healthcare Leadership and Management from The George Washington University. His graduate thesis project was on patient safety in global health and he serves as adjunct faculty in the nursing programs at Indiana Wesleyan University and King University.

Greg’s breakout session is titled, “Lessons from the Lion Story: Learning to Help People Help Themselves”. Christian Health Service Corps will also be an exhibitor at this year’s conference so you will have the opportunity to speak to someone and learn more about what they do and how you can be a part. Click to register now for the 2018 M3 Conference! You won’t regret it!

Experience the Samaritan’s Purse Emergency Field Hospital at M3

Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization, specializes in meeting critical needs for victims of war, disaster and famine. For decades, Samaritan’s Purse deployed mobile medical teams into disaster zones, but they still saw a pressing need for advanced emergency trauma care. In 2011, the organization began actively developing the emergency field hospital—a mobile unit that functions as a complete hospital equipped with two operating rooms, an emergency room, critical care unit, and pharmacy.

The emergency field hospital is mobile and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. It provides emergency medical relief in disaster-stricken areas where the medical infrastructure is damaged, overwhelmed, or nonexistent. Participants at this year’s M3 Conference will be able to walk inside the wards of the emergency field hospital, see first-hand how it is equipped to facilitate high-quality care anywhere in the world, and meet members of the Samaritan’s Purse medical team who have treated earthquake survivors in Ecuador and victims of war in Iraq.

From the outside, the Samaritan’s Purse emergency field hospital looks very similar to the mobile hospitals used by other organizations. What sets it apart, however, is that the medical work that goes on inside is about both physical and spiritual healing. Medical personnel and non-medical staff minister to patients, pray with them, and share the hope of the Gospel in the midst of the disaster.

We encourage you to visit the mobile hospital during M3 to learn how you can join Samaritan’s Purse in providing high-quality medical care after a crisis.

Read more about the life-changing impact that the field hospital has brought to patients in need.

Click here to register for the 2018 M3 Conference and experience the Samaritan’s Purse emergency field hospital for yourself!


Hope Through Healing Hands Sponsors and Exhibits at the 2018 M3 Conference

This year, we have 70+ organizations that will be exhibiting at the M3 Conference. This means you will have plenty of booths to choose from and people to talk to in order to become connected and find your purpose on the mission field. We feel so incredibly blessed that these organizations have decided to be a part of our conference. Today we would like to highlight one of these – Hope Through Healing Hands.

Hope Through Healing Hands is a nonprofit whose mission is “to promote improved quality of life for citizens and communities around the world using health as a currency for peace”. They believe every person should have access to proper health care and are active in promoting awareness of health all around the globe. Since 2004, they have provided more than $3.5 million to charities in the US and abroad. This money has gone towards different needs such as infrastructure, health development, education, healthcare, and emergency relief.

Hope Through Healing Hands is also a major sponsor for the M3 Conference this year. We want to thank them so much for teaming up with us! Along with Hope Through Healing Hands being at the conference, we are also blessed to have Amy Fogleman, Faith Outreach Director for HTHH, and Dan Haseltine, their Consultant and also songwriter for Jars of Clay, with us as speakers.

This is just one of many who will be with us on February 23 & 24. We hope to see you there too! Click here to register now. Use promo code SPREADTHEWORDM318 to receive $5 off. Offer ends February 9!