The M3 conference wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing sponsors. We want to highlight and thank some of these sponsors today for teaming up with M3 this year. The Woodlands Church and Houston’s First Baptist Church are both Platinum Sponsors.

Sponsors’ financial support helps keep registration costs low and allows us to focus our efforts on connecting organizations with people who want to take their gifts to a world in need.


The Woodlands Church is extremely passionate about missions and you can find on their website the different ways they are involved from local missions, disaster relief to global missions. Woodlands Church creatively uses every means available to share and show the hope of Christ, leveraging relationships and strengths of local churches around the world. They lead initially with clinics, building projects, education, or business enterprise, but each is a means to meet very real physical needs and opens the door to sharing Christ, resulting in lasting life-change.

A unique outreach of is WC Trading Co., which exists as an expression of Woodlands Church because they believe every life has purpose. Every single person has God-given gifts and talents. They want to help empower others to break the chains of poverty and help lift them with dignity and hope to reach their God-given purpose. By purchasing products at a fair wage, WC Trading Co. is able to break poverty cycles and create sustainable change and development. Each item represented in the store is handmade and uniquely characterizes a different person, culture and story. WC Trading Co. has the opportunity to give artisans from remote parts of the world a global voice simply by shopping with purpose!


Houston’s First believes “God has uniquely gifted and impassioned you to fulfill His Great Commission in ways that only you can. Houston’s First Missions is fulfilling this commission all around the city, nation, and world, and thousands  have already joined in our vast and varied efforts.” This missions team is diverse in its approach with local missions, mission trips, and missionary care.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) Jesus’ command was clear: His disciples were to go and teach others about Jesus and His message in the same way that Jesus Himself had taught them. Just as they had been discipled, they were to go and make disciples. Houston’s First Missions is absolutely, singularly dedicated to fulfilling Jesus’ commission. We believe that Jesus’ command to His disciples wasn’t a last-minute adage; it was the final, natural progression of their discipleship. It was the reason for which they were called. In order to make disciples, one must be discipled. Therefore, following Jesus’ model, Houston’s First Missions is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through providing church members, missionaries, and mission organizations with the resources and opportunities they need to be and to make disciples.

We hope to see you at M32020. Register today and save $5 with code: M3MISSIONS20.