The answer is—anyone is welcome!

If you are a physician, nurse, dentist, pharmacist or other healthcare professional, or you are in medical, dental, nursing or pharmacy school, or you are a college or high school student who is interested in medical missions, we believe this conference will be a great encouragement to you. In addition, if you are not in the medical field, but have a heart and passion for missions, you will fit right in and be inspired in your faith.

Perhaps you’ve been serving in a mission capacity your whole life and you want to build relationships with fellow missionaries and mission organizations, M3 is the place to get connected.  Even if you have never been on a mission trip before we will have speakers and exhibitors will help those who want to learn how and where to start.

The M3 conference’s primary focus is global health and medical missions, but other areas of interest include human trafficking, WaSH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), orphan care, disaster relief, and other missionary work.

Everyone will leave our M3 Conference inspired and challenged to do something. If you find yourself saying, “Someone should do something about that,” when seeing a need that needs to be met, then why not be that “someone”? If you’re ready to just say “yes”, M3 is a great place to start. Register today.