The former UN secretary, Kofi Annan, has been in Kenya this week along with other influential world leaders attempting to moderate a plan for peace. The violence has been decreasing for a day or so with only sporadic news of riots and bloodshed. I can tell the mood is hopeful because we were given permission to leave the hospital compound for a brief excursion.

I went by foot with Mrs. Linda into a nearby village to visit, Rachel, one of the ladies involved in her weekly Bible study.  We walked about fifteen minutes outside of the hospital into the village on the side of the sloping mountains to visit Samuel and Rachel’s home.  They met us atop a hill to walk us the rest of the way.  Rachel has been in poor health lately suffering with leg problems related to her diabetes.  She hasn’t been able to attend any of the meetings and needed some encouragement.  Samuel, admittedly, has had problems with drinking.  After Rachel became a Christian, the women in Rachel’s Bible study group began praying for his salvation and he eventually came to know the Lord.  He is a fairly new Christian, his walk has not been easy and he still struggles with the temptations of alcohol. Today he is at home, sober and very hospitable.

We were warmly welcomed into their two room stick and mud hut. Rachel and Samuel have 6 children, 3 grandchildren and many great grandchildren, many of whom live in or around their house.  Samuel farms and sells his crops to provide for his large extended family.

I could tell this was a special visit for Rachel and that she had made special preparations for us. She had a doily spread across her simple table and plenty of handmade wooden stools ready for us all to sit.  She had prepared chai and had her best mugs ready for us to use.

We discussed the state of Kenya, their hopes for peace, Rachel’s health, their children and their financial difficulties. We ended in a time of powerful prayer and thanked them for their hospitality.  It is the custom here in Kenya for each guest to say a word or read a scripture and address the hosts.  I thanked them for letting me share chai and fellowship with them, and told them that I knew Jesus was indeed the answer to all of their needs and He would provide. I told them I would share their story with my church at home and we would remember them and their family in our prayers.  As a special request to these sweet people, I asked for permission to take their picture to share with you.  They graciously agreed.

Please pray for the Kenyan people who are coming to know the Lord and are growing in their faith while overcoming poverty, addictions, sickness and, now, violence. Pray also for the men and women who are sharing their faith and encouraging them in their walk with the Lord.

Today I glimpsed into a family with struggles not unlike the kind many face all over this nation.  The difference is—someone introduced them to Jesus, the hope of the world.  I came away feeling so glad that I can pray for them and be confident they are safe in His hands and He is watching over them.