We’ve been busy introducing our many speakers to you, but today we would like to highlight one of the exhibitors that will be returning to the 2018 M3 Conference for their 3rd time – WC Trading Co.

WC Trading Co. is a local marketplace that provides artisans from around the world the opportunity to generate meaningful income by showcasing exclusive, handcrafted products that honor their vibrant cultures and traditions. With access to a broader audience, entire families, communities and economies are being drastically transformed through our collective efforts to shop with purpose.

By purchasing products at a fair wage, we are able to help break poverty cycles and create sustainable change and development. Each product in the store is not only useful but also one-of-a-kind and tells the artisan’s unique story of hard work, perseverance and triumph.

Every purchase you make directly impacts artisans and their families and allows you to become part of their story. We invite you to explore and connect with the world around you, give gifts with meaning and shop with purpose.

We have no doubt you will enjoy what they have to bring to this year’s conference. We hope to see you on February 23 & 24! Click here to register today.