1. Surrender your kingdom.
  2. Don’t be proud.
  3. Be relational.
  4. Withhold judgement.
  5. Be a learner.
  6. Be flexible.
  7. Do no harm.
  8. Be low maintenance.
  9. Don’t discourage.
  10. Remember God is GOOD.

In this session from the 2018 M3 Conference, John Cropsey, MD, will discuss his top ten do’s and don’ts of medical missions.  He will explore the heart-level adjustments required to productively engage in cross-cultural relationships and medical care, as well as review common pitfalls made by short-term and long-term missionaries.  Dr. Cropsey will also examine how one’s faith informs the missions experience in which one will be faced with advanced presentation of pathology in the setting of severe resource limitations and crippling poverty.

As a missionary kid, John Cropsey grew up at a mission hospital. As an adult, he began doing short-term mission trips, and then medium-term mission trips, which eventually led into long-term missions.  Today, Dr. Cropsey is a professor of Ophthalmology at Hope Africa University and Kibuye Hope Hospital, in Burundi. He and his family serve with Serge mission.