After the ups and downs of last week it is so nice to be in Nairobi this morning-jet lagged and all! Many of you may not know we were scheduled to leave last Friday but all the unrest and violence put our trip in a holding pattern. After months of anticipation and planning, it was so disheartening to see our plans be delayed and possibly even cancelled.

But then the Lord began to gently remind me that this trip was HIS idea and not MY idea. He reminded me that His plans for me are always good and any delay is a part of His design. All I need to do is to trust in Him and trust His timing.

Once I laid aside my plans and trusted His plans, a peace that passes understanding began to guard my heart and my mind. And, over the next few days it was amazing how everything came into place. I am confident that He will accomplish exactly what He wants—both in us and through us over the next few weeks.