Hello everyone!  Thanks for taking the time to look at our blog; we really like reading your comments! Before I start telling you about what’s going on here in Kenya I want to tell you a little bit about what happened in me before we came.

Most of you know that we were in Kenya last January-February for six weeks. Everything was great and God really used us. But I really felt like God talked to me before we came on this trip. Last time we were here I was excited, but I felt that Africa was far from where I wanted to be. My passion is music and I feel like there is a ‘calling’ on my life in this area.  But I found when I was in Africa it was really tough to practice my music.  Before we left my schedule was God, family, music.  Music was all that I thought about.  I was constantly telling my parents about the big dreams I have, what I want to do, college I want to go to, and so on. But what I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t putting things into perspective!  I still have a good 5 years before I leave my family and go to college! I began to realize I was totally rushing things.

So back to Africa, last time I was here I was questioning God, why do you have me here? So far away from my dreams?! God you know the desires of my heart, why am I here when I want to be over in America? But then I remembered the scripture that says ask and you shall receive. Well, I will let you know that I took that scripture a little too seriously, I asked God about a million times to make me a better musician, for amazing windows of opportunity to open, and what did I get? Nothing. It wasn’t that God didn’t hear me, I know He did. But He just didn’t reply. Well, sometime last month I heard God speak to me. He said, “Georgia, why are you so focused on yourself? I have planted a dream inside you, just like the dream I planted inside your parents. Your dream still has time to come to pass, but your parents dreams are happening now.” That blew me away. I felt so selfish, that I couldn’t express my feelings to my parents. I then realized that my parents are living their dreams now, my dreams still have their own time!God has a plan for everything, don’t ever forget that! If he wants me to be a great musician, I will be, no doubt. But that’s all I was ever focused on, me. It might be years until God fulfills that promise he put in me. God put a dream inside of my dad at 12, and 30+ years later he’s fulfilling it. And guess what?  I get to be a part of his dream.  That is the greatest honor ever, to be a part of one of God’s plans—even if it is for someone else. So what I want you to know is don’t give up on a dream God put in you. And be ready to be a part of making someone else’s dreams come true. And make sure you don’t miss out on all of the great things and great people and great opportunities God has placed in your life right now.  I’m only 12 years old but I guess I’m learning that you can trust God with your dreams.

Georgia Grace