Hello America!

Thank you all for posting comments on our last blog update!

Daddy has done so many surgeries with other doctors; it is very exciting seeing him so happy with the work he gets to do. The other day we had the opportunity to go to an orphanage. There were so many kids that had different needs and personalities but all had the same happiness (from Jesus) which was the one thing that made US happy.

I and some other girls at the hospital compound, including Sophie, have started the Charity Club where we collect money from making different things such as ironed beads, cookies, lemonade ect.

We are selling them to all the missionaries and visitors and then taking donations. We are hoping to be able to give the money to a fund that helps the poor with hospital fees or the orphanage we visited. We would love for everyone to give us ideas for this project. So far we have KSH 645 (around $10 in American money- which is A LOT to the Kenyans), which is a great amount for working for only half a day!

Signing out,
Liv & Soph