Be Inspired at M3

We received a wonderful testimony from our friend Joshua Carlson, Co-Founder of Medicine With a Mission. In his letter, he writes…

I just came back from my third M3 conference, and again, it was incredible, invigorating, and so inspiring – filling me and my family up with passion to continue to go forth and try to love every single person – in our local mission work at our jobs and abroad.

I was able to speak with our good friend, Paul Osteen, who prayed over me and Natasha and our residency match last year, and since then it has been a whirlwind.

This year was especially important because last year, I came with my friend Natasha, who I have been close with for nearly 6 years now since medical school. Last year, the conference hit us so hard, uniting us so closely, that I knew I was supposed to marry her! It all happened on M3 weekend!

We got engaged 2 months later in April! 

This year, we went back as an engaged couple, preparing to get married in 2 months, to continue to pursue what God has placed on our hearts. We both did our MD/MPH in Grenada and have done global mission work and continue to feel God pulling us to serve Him completely in medicine, ministry, and public health.

M3 unites you to people around the world, as well as those closest to you. We are a living testimony! We are finishing our first year of residencies, just did a major project last April in Grenada with Project C.U.R.E. and Medicine With a Mission, and are planning on preparing for the next adventure.

Please share our story and let others know that if people come to M3, their lives will be changed forever!

Much love, Joshua Carlson, along with Natasha Mozumdar

We at M3 love hearing how M3 impacts lives in such incredible ways! Thank you Joshua and Natasha for allowing us to be a part of your story.

The next M3 Conference is set for February 21-22, 2020, where we will continue to help people connect with others, be inspired, and find their mission. Click here to register today!

Jesus and Jobs

Max Emile is an amazing young man who is an artisan for HandUp Global Ministries.  HandUp Ministries seeks to equip young men, who’ve aged out of their partner orphanage in Haiti, with Jesus and jobs. Commerce is a powerful catalyst for social change, and HandUp Ministries believes that meaningful and sustainable change happens through the power of the gospel. To accomplish this “Jesus and Jobs” model, they have developed the Teens in Transition program (TnT), which consists of 3 Pillars:  Spiritual Discipleship, Financial Literacy, and Job Skills Training.

By going through this program, God put a dream in Max’s heart. In his own words, Max shares his story, “I…was desperate to find work. However, I knew that God had brought me into the city for a reason. Having a job has helped me feed some of the children there who go days without eating a single meal. Thank you to HandUp for your contribution toward my brothers and me. My dream is to be a pastor one day because I am grateful for the opportunities that He has given me. I am saving up money to build a small house in a town where there are a lot of hungry children. I want to be in a position to help take care of the children in this community. It is a pleasure for me to work for this program because it gets me one step closer to accomplishing my dreams.”

Click here to learn more about HandUp Global Ministries and their HUGG Mission Market.

Re-Connecting at M3

The vision of Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) is to provide a place where people can connect with others, be inspired, and find their mission. We have also found that M3 can serve as a place for people to re-connect with others

One of our 2019 M3 Conference speakers, Dr. Stan Cobb, wrote to us to let us know that while he was at M3 this year, he re-connected with the first pastor who ever invested in his life 35 years ago! Right when Dr. Cobb began his breakout session, Pastor Russ Gibbs walked into the room. Dr. Cobb was overwhelmed to see him, and they had a wonderful reunion afterward. Pastor Gibbs, who serves with Living Water, and Dr. Cobb and his wife, Pam, enjoyed their time together at M3. Dr. Cobb shared his thoughts about M3 and said that “it was a tremendous blessing to experience…It was very encouraging…I was very touched.”

Today, Dr. Stan Cobb and his wife invest in the lives of thousands of students to bring effective change in healthcare around the world, and it all began when Pastor Gibbs did the same for Stan. Thank you Dr. Cobb and Pastor Gibbs for allowing M3 to be a part of your story.

If you want to come and be a part of amazing stories like this, mark your calendars for February 21-22, 2020, and register today to attend the 2020 M3 Conference!

New to M3 This Year is The Mission

New to M3 This Year is The Mission

M3 is pleased to welcome The Mission as an exhibitor and sponsor to our 2019 conference. The Mission exists out of an act of obedience and a step of faith. In 1986, Steve and Cathy Horner said YES when God asked them to go to Mexico and take care of abused and abandoned children. They moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Tijuana to build an orphanage. An orphanage that would redefine family and love for abandoned children. In 1987 the Mission was founded out of a desire to change a nation one child at a time. Over the next 21 years, the Horners built and founded an orphanage, as well as a family care program, elementary schools, a Bible college, and 19 churches, all in their beloved country of Mexico. The Mission has projects in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Romania.

In 2008, the ministry’s baton was passed to Steve and Cathy’s oldest son Jimmy and his wife Genea, with the intention that they would take what was begun and run with it even further. Jimmy and Genea Horner have been leading the ministry ever since. The two had been serving the Mission for their entire adult lives. What a testimony of faithfulness and legacy.

If you have a desire to make a difference in orphan care make sure you visit their booth at the conference to learn more about The Mission.

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