“I didn’t really have a vision for what God was doing globally. Life was safe. When you live safe, you don’t really have an urgency and dependency to see God in a bigger way…It’s so easy to make comfort an idol. So, I said a new prayer, ‘God, break my heart for what breaks Your heart…’”

Like the many who we honor today on Memorial Day, who went to the tough and unsafe places to help others and gave their lives for a greater cause, that prayer has led Kelly Sites, RN, across the globe serving those who have suffered from natural disasters, war, and refugee crises. In this Plenary Session from the 2018 M3 Conference, Kelly shares how often times we hold those we love, our passions, goals, dreams and skills, our future, our professions, and serving God, with clenched fists. We want to maintain control and keep a firm grip on it all. Learn how serving God with open hands brings freedom and a knowing of Who He is on a deeper level.