Registrations are coming in! Be next on the list!

We’re getting more and more people to register for the 2017 M3 Conference every day! You could be next on the list to attend! All you have to do is sign up – it’s that easy. Visit the registration link on our site and get ready to experience a wonderful conference full of like-minded individuals who want to impact the lives of others forever.

Among our list of exciting speakers is Christine Caine, Dr. Todd Price, Joël Malm, Rich Stearns, and many more! You do not have to be a doctor, nurse, or working in the medical field at all to attend. We want everyone who has a heart to help those in need of medical care, clean water, or any of the basic human needs to survive to participate.

Just “say yes” to medical missions by registering today!

Connect with others. Be inspired. Find your mission.