It is Wednesday late day; we are nine hours ahead of Texas.  It is very windy and looks as though it is about to rain.  This is the first moment I have had to sit all day and I have found that writing you is very therapeutic for my soul.  We see, hear and feel so much in a day that it is nice to process it all by putting the emotions and experiences into words.

Last night Enoch, Rachael and Elijah’s son (Mosop Orphanage), came to visit Dr. Chuck and Amy.  He brought a gourd full of a special drink in Kenya called Morsic made from warm milk which curdles mixed with burned bark of the Wattle tree. Yummy!  His parents sent it to thank us for coming to play with the children at the orphanage awhile back.  Amy called me and said we should go up to the nursery (which is overflowing right now) and share it with the moms.  So the two of us went up at the 6:00 nursing time and took small disposable cups.  The women were so grateful and loved it- apparently this is a real treat for them, a delicacy.

Because I consider myself adventurous, I went with every intention of partaking in the morsic…………….however, after serving this charcoal/buttermilk type drink to about 25 moms nursing their newborn babies in a very warm, small space…………. I changed my mind.  Thankfully it was not perceived as an insult since the women did not originally give it to us.  Whew!

I took the opportunity to take some nursery pictures.  All the incubators have been handmade and as you can see the room is wall to wall with them along with infant beds.

Today the girls made cookies again but this was a not-for-profit project =). This time we took them to administration and thanked everyone there for all their hard work.  They are a little short-handed and one of the missionaries mentioned it might be good to encourage the people in that department.

Afterward we took stickers and coloring sheets to the pediatric ward.  Jackson loved this!  He and his friend Luke blew bubbles and we all sang a few songs.  Jackson entertained the children with his outgoing personality and the Kenyan moms were giggling at his choreography to our singing.

The bottom has fallen out of the sky and the rain has poured down for about an hour.  It has dropped quite a few degrees and is very chilly, but a new wonderful, after the rain smell fills the air.  The girls just dashed across the field from playing football and are completely soaked.

It has been a busy and fulfilling day.  I am thankful for even the small opportunities we have been afforded to share His love.