Our first week is almost over and I honestly can’t believe it. Paul has been working very hard and had his first night On Call in almost 9 years!!! And true to the profession of medicine- he was up almost all night. All the doctors have commented to me on what a blessing it is to have his help. As always I am so proud of him.

We came to give furlough to one particular doctor but we were disappointed for him when he had to change his plans because of the violence and was unable to leave as planned. However, now several of the doctors are going to take some much needed time off with Paul here. One is going to go to language school for a week and two are going to take furlough in country. I can see that God turned the situation (us coming a week later and Dr. Russ changing his plans) around and multiplied our visit.

The girls have fit in wonderfully, making fast friends with the missionary children who are here full time. I can tell how very excited the missionary children are to have guests of their own.

We are home schooling in the mornings as usual (and so are the mission children) but from 1:00 on I barely see the girls. Olivia and Sophia have even come up with having a Bible study once a week while we are here with some younger girls. I could not be more proud of how they are looking for ways to help and minister. Georgia has offered to babysit for some of the missionary families and I was amazed at how such a simple thing was so needed and appreciated. She also has helped out in the nursery.

Jackson, too, has made friends, most of them are Kenyans who help at the hospital or help the other families. He spent most of today helping Peter, a Kenyan gardener, dig up bulbs, rake and dismantle a broken fence. It was precious to see them talking and smiling. I am not certain Peter understood Jackson completely but love truly knows no boundaries. (Don’t you love the pic of Jackson sleeping under the mosquito net!)

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  Keep praying, in particular, for the girls.  They are having a bit of a hard time getting good rest at night.  We are praying with them frequently and since your days are our nights I’d ask you to just pray specifically for that.  We know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood……………………


P.S. The internet has been very challenging here. It is very unreliable so our blogging and photo sending has been slow. We are figuring out the ‘reliable’ times to get on and try to send you more info. Thanks for the feedback- it made me persevere!