DSC_0156We are just about to wrap up our second week here and Sophie and Olivia have come up with their own project. The have recruited a few other missionary girls and formed Operation Kenya. Last year they were able to pay off a large bill for a small orphan boy who had been burned in a fire and was being raised by his Grandmother. Paul had cared for him and even their modest bill here at the mission hospital was far more than they would be able to pay. The girls earned enough money through baking to pay that bill. This year they have a goal to help five patients with their bill. They hope to put the money into The Needy Patient Fund at the hospital and find five families who cannot afford their care.

The girls baked and wrapped up their cookies and bars on Wednesday. Yesterday, with a wagon in tow, they went around to missionaries and visitors passing out treats for a donation to the fund. In just a few short hours they were sold out. Their plan is to do this once a week for the next few months until they have reached their goal.

The girls also have spread the word they would like to help with chores or babysitting while we are here also. I am so proud of them for being creative and looking for ways to be a blessing. Many wives of the physicians cannot get out into the community or help at the hospital because they have younger children so I know this will be help be a great help.

Here are a few pics of Operation Kenya. Jackson even contributed when he bought up some of the treats himself and then shared with some local children.

Please continue to pray for us. Georgia and I will be going out to the villages with Community Health on Monday and we all will be visiting one of the orphanages next week.