Hey Everyone! How is everything over in Texas? I hope everything is going fine, I am doing great.

I have recently arrived at the hospital. Yes, I am so excited that I am finally here. There are so many kind people here so far I have made many friends. There is Melody who is 12; she is very kind. Melody has taught me so much about the mission and the people here. There is Andrew who is 13 as well, Jamie, who is 8, Peter, who is 12, and Adam, who is 16. They have been so friendly and kind to me.

Our house that we are staying in is unusually large for mission house and so comfortable (feels like home). We have some people that are helping us get adjusted at home too. There is Richard, who is helping us cook. He is so kind, and there is Milcah, who is helping us around the house with cleaning and such. You have to collect rainwater for everything. Even the laundry- you have to pour it into the washing machine and then line dry everything!! They are both from the Kipsigi tribe. I love them both, they are so very kind.

Well that’s all for now,
Georgia Grace