Hello America!

I hope all is well in the US.

You have heard, I am sure, of some division over here in Kenya. Yes, it’s true…but you have only had an adult’s perspective of the situation.

Here is mine:

At times I feel a bit frightened about all that is going on around here. It truly amazes me how people can hate one another. They destroy things, kill others, but what they don’t realize is that they are hurting themselves too! It isn’t safe to go down to the waterfall by yourself anymore, or for that matter to go to Bomet which is the city closest to the hospital. It is CRAZY!

Well, let’s get on a good note, a night ago at two o’clock in the morning we went to another doctor’s house to watch the Super Bowl! Okay…stop and think…Super Bowl…Africa….does that make sense to you? It didn’t to me at first. After the first two quarters I started feeling really sick, so my dad took me back to the house. And today I am still feeling a little sick. Please pray that I would get better! We have been praying for God to touch my health and He is.

~Georgia Grace