The Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) works with local churches in developing countries and supporting partners in the U.S. to build sustainable medical ministries serving the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Nurses play a critical role in the delivery of essential health services and in strengthening health care systems.  The Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development was established to improve nursing education so that nurses in the most vulnerable countries have the skills, competencies, clinical knowledge and judgement to handle the complexity of the unique healthcare challenges facing the populations they serve.  They are also trained and empowered to be leaders to help improve the quality of care and advocate for better clinical outcomes in their countries.

The Mark K Center for Global Nursing Development (MKCGND) is focused on the following goals:

  • Building Bridges and Relationships
  • Improving Quality of Nursing Education and Advancing Nursing Practice
  • Establishing Fully Assessable Resources to Foster Global Collaboration
  • Growing Ministry

The holistic integration of medical care and the Gospel is fundamental in the mission of MBF and MKCGND.  Click here to learn more about the programs and projects of the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development.