“The need is overwhelming” were the words of Dr. Allan Sawyer as he and his wife carried out their 6 day mission to the Hewa tribe in Papua New Guinea. Dr. Sawyer, an obstetrician and gynecologist, retired from his private practice in Arizona to follow God’s call to devote himself to serve and teach at mission hospitals around the world. His visit to the Hewa tribe all started with him taking the first step outside his comfort zone and stepping into the unknown…

Through their church, Dr. Sawyer met Jonathan and Susan Kopf, missionaries to the Hewa people – a people extremely reliant on the teachings of their ancestors. While much of the world is constantly advancing in medical knowledge, the Hewa people remained unaware and uneducated still following the folklore of their past, just as their parents before them. Because of this, their infant mortality rate was extremely high, threatening their extinction as a people group.

Samaritan’s Purse followed Dr. Sawyer and his team to visit these beautiful people in Papua New Guinea and captured their story on film. We invite you to watch this video and be challenged and inspired on how God uses medicine to bring hurting people healing, not only physically but spiritually as well.  When we take that first step to where God is calling us to go, the Healer Himself will show up and do more than we can ask, imagine or think.

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To see what Dr. Sawyer is up to, click here to visit his blog.