Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) wants to thank all of our M3 Partners who have come alongside our community to help, support and encourage us.  Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude. From prayers and encouraging words, to care packages, to entire trucks filled with pallets of supplies, to people, both individually and collectively, coming to help clean-up and rebuild.  To each and every one of you, M3 and our community say THANK YOU!

The picture we have included with this post came from one of our M3 Partners, Laura Berry with Blessings International. They are based in Oklahoma and came down to lend a helping hand in the clean-up efforts.  Please note the Christmas decoration in the background of the picture that says “JOY.”  The house they were helping clean out belonged to an elderly couple, and when they found their Christmas decoration, they insisted that they keep it as a reminder that the Lord was there with them; He did not leave them or forsake them.  As Laura shared with us, “I think this picture says so much about hope in Jesus and JOY in the storm.”  We agree, Laura.

And that hope and JOY continues to spread all around our great city.  As we have shared before, Samaritan’s Purse is here with their Disaster Assistance Relief Team to help Houston and the surrounding communities clean-up and rebuild.  Convoy of Hope sent trucks of supplies. Hand of Hope Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions is partnering with several organizations helping with supplies and rebuild efforts.  All of our local church partners, like Houston’s First Baptist ChurchWoodlands Church, Hope City, and the list goes on, are going above and beyond in helping those who have lost so much and are hurting.  We could go on and on about what our M3 Partners are doing to help not only here in the Houston, Texas, area, but also all around the globe with the other natural disasters that have hit; suffice it to say that we believe this is the Church’s finest hour.

To join us in bringing hope and JOY to the people of the Texas Gulf Coast area, please connect with a church or relief organization that you are already affiliated with or click here to sign up to volunteer with the Samaritan’s Purse team.