In October, Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) attended the American Academy of Family Physician’s Global Health Workshop as an exhibitor to bring awareness of the M3 Conference to this group of family physicians who have a passion for global healthcare.  Hundreds of physicians from around the world came together to discuss the needs and opportunities surrounding global health.

M3 was honored to represent all of the organizations that partner with us.  During this three day conference, we met many great people who have a heart to serve, and we are already getting positive feedback from the physicians and organizations that we connected with at the conference.

M3 will continue to look for opportunities to spread the word about what our conference represents, so we can serve as a catalyst to mobilize people to get involved.  We invite you to join us on February 23-24, 2018, in Houston, Texas, for the 3rd annual M3 Conference where you can connect with others, be inspired and find your mission.  Register today at