We went to visit a new orphanage this week, Kitoben, which is not far from the hospital to assess the needs and see how God might use us there. There are 60 children at Kitoben, 40 of which are in school. One woman and her family run Kitoben and she uses mostly her own resources (she works at Tenwek Hospital as a clerk) to feed, clothe and educate the children. These are just a few pictures from our visit. We were able to give them soccer balls for the older kids, pray with the family caring for the children and bless them with some financial resources. We hope to continue building a relationship with Kitoben as they care for the orphans in the area.

Bosto is an orphanage about an hour from the mission hospital. We have partnered with Bosto before to help them build coops and raise chickens which provide eggs for the children and extra eggs to sell. We have built fencing and purchased a cow for them. A need was presented to us this time for tables and benches to be built for the dining hall so the children won’t have to eat on the floor any longer. We hired a fundi and have transfered the funds through a local missionary who will oversee while we are in the states. The project has been started but is not complete but we hope to get pictures soon to share with you.