Max Emile is an amazing young man who is an artisan for HandUp Global Ministries.  HandUp Ministries seeks to equip young men, who’ve aged out of their partner orphanage in Haiti, with Jesus and jobs. Commerce is a powerful catalyst for social change, and HandUp Ministries believes that meaningful and sustainable change happens through the power of the gospel. To accomplish this “Jesus and Jobs” model, they have developed the Teens in Transition program (TnT), which consists of 3 Pillars:  Spiritual Discipleship, Financial Literacy, and Job Skills Training.

By going through this program, God put a dream in Max’s heart. In his own words, Max shares his story, “I…was desperate to find work. However, I knew that God had brought me into the city for a reason. Having a job has helped me feed some of the children there who go days without eating a single meal. Thank you to HandUp for your contribution toward my brothers and me. My dream is to be a pastor one day because I am grateful for the opportunities that He has given me. I am saving up money to build a small house in a town where there are a lot of hungry children. I want to be in a position to help take care of the children in this community. It is a pleasure for me to work for this program because it gets me one step closer to accomplishing my dreams.”

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