Most of you know that we have been taking care of 6-week old orphaned triplets for the last 3 weeks. I so look forward to coming home and holding them and feeding them and helping put them to bed. Jenn gets up many times during the night to feed them but occasionally when one (or more!) is stirring or crying early in the morning I pick him (her) up and hold him (her). The other morning, long before daylight, I heard little Caleb crying so I picked him up and brought him to bed with us and held him in the darkness as I drank my coffee. Even though he had been crying pretty hard, when I picked him up and held him close he immediately became so calm and quiet and still. I thought he was asleep so I took my alarm clock and pressed the little button that activiates the light to let you see the time and in the soft green, barely perceptible glow of the light I saw two little eyes, wide open looking up at me. Somehow in that moment something shifted inside me. For many years we have cared about orphaned children, we have prayed for them, we have supported them montlhly, we have sent them clothes, we have befriended and help build and resource orphanages…but as I held little Caleb in the darkness of night and saw those little eyes wide open looking at me–what once was somehow just a “concept” of caring for orphans became very much a reality that will forever be a part of my heart. I am so thankful for the opportunity to care for these little ones and so thankful that no matter what home they eventually are a part of…they will always be a part of my heart.~Paul