“When Jesus calls you, like human resource managers, He always adds, ‘and other duties as assigned…’” quips Dr. Martin Nkundeki in his Plenary Session at the 2018 M3 Conference.

Christians around the world come face to face with people in difficult situations. Many times we may walk away, offer a hand and go on, or we may think it’s for someone else, some other group, or for the government to take care of, but when, like Moses, we stop to look more closely at the situation, we see “God in the burning bush.” We see more, feel more and realize we can do more.

In this session, Dr. Nkundeki, the Medical Director at Wentz Medical Center, shares his story. He is a Ugandan doctor at a mission hospital in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. He will discuss how being involved in his community led to a decade long relationship with nearby slum communities, and how working with them to create solutions to their problems, including using a medical outreach team of Village Health Volunteers to spread health information, has changed lifestyles and brought hope. He will share about discerning the stirrings and opportunities, and recognizing it is God calling you.

God needs you as a conduit of His grace, an ambassador of His dream, to bring hope and courage, and an exodus of His people to a higher quality of life.

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