International Medical Outreach (IMO) is a family-founded, data-driven, expertise-led humanitarian aid corporation personally invested in working with people to achieve a higher level of sustained health and healthcare for all.  IMO’s desire is to cause a progression of change in the mindset of individuals and communities towards health and well-being.

By working closely with families living in rural areas of low-income nations, they are raising overall levels of health and increasing the standard of healthcare one community at a time. Their pursuit is founded in the two-way flow of ideas, insights, resources, and investment that generates tangible positive change regarding sustained health. IMO believes that individuals have the capacity to control their behavior, dictate their environment, and limit their risk of sickness and disease.  Thus, they enable people to use resources already available that could improve their current situation and emphasize the necessities of healthy behavior.

IMO works toward improving sanitation management and infrastructure while providing expertise, medication, equipment, and training; they also complement locally established healthcare providers with outside resources.  They do this through various programs and projects, including focus areas such as compost-based sanitation; continuing medical, public health and hygiene education; disease intervention; distribution of medication and medical/hygiene supplies; and more.

Mobilizing Medical Missions (M3) is very pleased to partner with International Medical Outreach and was honored to have their founder, Dr. Todd Price, speak at the 2017 M3 Conference.  If you missed Dr. Price’s Plenary Session, click here to watch the video.  Also, to find out more about the work IMO is doing around the world, click here.