I want to let everyone know that I am leaving today for Africa to spend one month at a rural mission hospital in Zambia. I travel through Nairobi for one night, then off early the next morning to Lusaka, Zambia where I will be met by the missionary pilot who will fly me to the far western part of Zambia to a mission hospital called Chitokoloki Mission Hospital. If you want to look my location up on Google Maps, look for Zambezi (the town not the river), Zambia. This will give you a pretty close idea of where I am.

The purpose of the trip is not only to help the resident missionary surgeon—Dr. David McAdams; but also to see if this might be a place that I could bring the family back next year to give Dr. McAdams a 3 or 4 month furlough.

Please pray for “journey mercies”, pray that my luggage (and supplies!) arrive with me so there is no delay. Pray that I would transition well to a new hospital and system and that I would be a blessing to the missionaries and the people that I am going to help. Pray for health and safety and for Jenn and the family while I am gone.

They tell me that the internet works at Chitokoloki, so I will try to send updates as often as I can.

Many blessings!