Not long ago we were traveling from Nairobi to Tenwek mission hospital. The trip takes almost four hours, so about half way we take a break to stretch our legs, refuel and grab something to drink. I had a Coke light in my hand and was enjoying the absolute breathtaking scenery of the Rift Valley. You could see for miles–beautiful Acacia trees, grasslands, an occasional Masaii herding his cattle and goats. I was simply soaking in the beauty of God’s creation and reflecting on how good He has been to me, when a massive bus (the size of our Greyhound buses) pulled RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME totally blocking my view. This was slightly aggravating, but when I began to study the bus, to my surprise there were several bigger-than-life-size pictures of my brother plastered all over the side of this bus. His gaze was prayerfully towards the heavens, his hands clasped together in an angelic pose. As I reflect on this event, I began to ponder this question: he is 9000 miles away, he knows exactly when I’m stopped at a petrol station and he somehow arranges to have this bus interrupt my personal meditaions and obstruct my view with four of his pictures. Here’s my question: how does he do it? It’s one thing to poke fun at me in front of a national and international audience, but the complex logistics of this particular prank are still beyond me.