In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, there is mass devastation, but there is also HOPE!

There is no doubt that the landscape of Houston has changed.  You can’t drive very far without seeing the heartbreak of people’s homes and memories sitting on the curb, but you also can’t drive very far without seeing a smiling face and a helping hand.  Turn on any news station, and you will see neighbors helping neighbors, and even more heartwarming, complete strangers helping one another.

First, people came from near and far to help with search and rescue.  Now, they are shifting their focus and putting in countless hours cleaning up and helping rebuild Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast communities.  Go into any neighborhood and you will see people from every walk of life rolling up their sleeves and gutting and cleaning out homes, praying with and for one another, and getting up the next day to do it all over again.  We are meeting people daily who have shared that they are using their vacation time to help their fellow man.  There are really no words, except thank you!

Because of this atmosphere of love and support, you could almost miss the immense magnitude of this storm.  We have yet to meet a Houstonian who hasn’t been affected personally in some way.  Yes, the road to recovery will be long, but there is HOPE for a much better tomorrow!

We invite you to join us in bringing HOPE to the city of HoUSton and the surrounding communities by signing up to volunteer in the recovery efforts.  Click here to register through Samaritan’s Purse.