Last night at 1:57am I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock named Trusty Pinky. I made some coffee and then woke Dad up. Me, Dad, Georgia and Sophie were going to The NFL Super BOwl in Africa! As we walked through the starry night to a friend’s house we told each other how awesome it was that we were in Africa and were about to go to the Super Bowl party. A party we have every year in Houston but never thought we would have in Kenya! When we Got there, Dad and I were welcomed by a pack of Patriots when he and I were the only Giants’ fans.  Sophie was for the Patriots like the rest of the people at the party)! (Georgia got tired and left before halftime. As we quarreled about who was really going to win the Super Bowl, we watched intensely at the projector waiting for kickoff.

In Africa they don’t have the same commercials as we do in America, So we watched some of the most bizarre commercials I have ever seen in-between plays! We had tons of homemade popcorn, cookie cake, cookies, salsa and chips and Coke non- stop until we couldn’t bear them any longer, Although, both The Patriots and Giants played amazingly… the Giants scored a touchdown in the last 20+ seconds and WON the Super Bowl!!!!