One of the real joys of working at this mission hospital is meeting the other physicians who come and volunteer and give their time and their expertise to help take care of patients. Most come for a few weeks, some come for a few months. All have a heart that is willing to sacrificially serve others. It was such a pleasure to meet Dr. Chuck. He is a pediatrician, is 79 years old and he spends about 6 months every year taking care of sick children all over the world. Ten years ago Dr. Chuck’s wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and he spent 2 years caring for her every need. When she went to be with Jesus he told me how he fell into a deep depression, to the point he lost any desire to go on with life. But then with joy he recounted how Jesus visited him and tenderly told him that he wasn’t finished with Dr. Chuck yet, that he had more work for him to do. As Dr. Chuck begin to visit hospitals all over the world caring for sick children, all depression left and he is one of the most joy filled people I have ever met. When I remarked to him, “It is incredible what you do for these children”, he simply responds, “It is incredible what Jesus has done for me”.
Over the last month I have had the privilege of working with Drs. David and Naomi. They are married, both are physicians—David is an internist, Naomi a family practice doctor, and they hail from the great state of Texas, the great city of Houston! They are wonderful people, incredible doctors and we look forward to continuing our relationship when we get back home. We shared Mexican food together last week (thanks to an incredible chef who also happens to be my wife!); we thought we were back at home at Pappasito’s!
Jeff and Melissa are fourth year medical students from California. They have been such a joy and pleasure to work alongside. Dr. Andre is from South Africa, now in Newfoundland. He too is a general surgeon giving a month of his time here in Africa. It has been a pleasure working with him. Dr. Daryl is an internist finishing his residency in Tennessee and does such a great job taking care of his patients. It is such a blessing to be able to meet these new friends, such an inspiration to watch them as they give their lives away for Jesus.