You can teach skills, but you can’t teach heart.

The one quality that connects missionaries all over the world has nothing to do with their ability to lead, nothing to do with any technical expertise, and nothing to do with any monetary amount they are able to pay or send to communities in need. The one quality that connects missionaries all over the world is the passion to make positive change.

It doesn’t have to be as intense as wanting to get a degree in medicine. That’s a wonderful aspiration, but it’s not the only way to help. Every day, missionaries are doing their part to help those in need by digging wells, passing out food and supplies, or even playing with children.

Are you someone who encounters others and you wonder what their stories are? Where do they come from? Who do they live with? Where are they going after they see you? Will they have a good meal and a warm bed tonight? That wondering is called compassion. It means you hope the best for people, and you want to do something about it if they are in need.

You are the kind of person we want to attend the 2017 M3 Conference! Your passion for the well-being of others is what makes you the perfect person to do missions. All you need now is more information on where to go and how you can help.

Register today for the 2017 M3 Conference at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX! There, people just like you will present options for you to find your mission and say, “Yes!” to the calling that has been placed on your life.

See you there!

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