Hello…everything in Kenya is starting to feel normal again! Some of the head ‘people’ in Kenya have agreed to share equal power (I really do hope that works).  It could lead to peace or just the opposite. Yesterday we had a huge soccer game, everyone played! And after that we played a football game. That was so much fun! Oh my goodness we had a blast. At 6:30 we started to head over to Dr. Russ and Mrs. Beth’s house. There we had a Friday fun day. We ate pizza (homemade) and played Apples to Apples.

It is so different to have my dad come home at an unpredictable time everyday. I feel almost overwhelmed sometimes, because I am so happy for my dad. He is doing what he loves to do and I get to be apart of that. I’ve never seen this side of my dad before…I am so proud of him. And not to mention my mom, she has been incredibly patient with us! At times it gets hard we have to make due with what we have…and what we have isn’t much.  But we are making it anyway- just fine!

~Georgia Grace