Kelly Sites has been a nurse for 20 years and has served on the front lines of medical missions in hostile environments under brutal conditions. She has served in Liberia for two deployments working with Ebola. She’s also served on medical missions in the Philippines, Vanuatu, Tanzania, Rwanda, Haiti during the Cholera outbreak, Ecuador, and most recently in Iraq.

During our 2017 M3 Conference Kelly Sites will share about her incredible work in the missions field and what drives her to redeploy.

I will share why I keep going back to disasters and serving others following natural disasters such as earthquakes and Tsunamis, deadly outbreaks such as Ebola and Cholera, caring for refugees, traveling to high-risk terrorist countries, and many other difficult deployments. – Kelly Sites, RN

Kelly and her husband of 23 years, Chuck, live in Michigan and have twins who are now in college. To hear Kelly’s message, Disaster Response from a Nurse’s Perspective: Why I Keep Going Back, register here for the 2017 M3 Conference.

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