This past week all the missionary kids got together at one of the missionary homes to decorate cookies.  I think she made hundreds for us to decorate!  We had all colors of icing and a lot of different things to decorate with like chocolate chips, pretzels, MnMs, and nuts.  Since we can’t run out and buy sprinkles and things, we had to be really creative. We had two categories.  The first was decorate your favorite thing to do.  I TRIED to draw a drum set but it didn’t turn out so well.  The second category was decorate something to do with safari.  I made an alligator.  We got to keep and eat those two but then we iced about a hundred more cookies.  We delivered those to the pediatric ward, we had enough for the kids, their moms and the nurses.  I think the moms and nurses were just as excited as the kids to get a cookie! It was a really fun day.   ~Soph