On Saturday, April 1, while many families were asleep in their homes, a giant wall of water, mud and debris from a horrific mudslide devastated the town of Mocoa in southern Colombia. Over 270 people are dead, with 400 injured and over 200 missing. Conviventia is doing what we can to bring urgent emergency relief of food, medicines, blankets, personal care and hygiene products and temporary housing, and hope to these communities as they begin to dig out from this awful tragedy.

Conviventia is based in Colombia, and along with our partners, will mobilize teams of health practitioners and experts in emergency assistance and logistics to provide primary health care and channel aid to the victims of the mudslide. We will deliver tents, emergency food, blankets and sheets, water, cooking supplies, personal care and hygiene products and medicines to those impacted by this awful tragedy. We will also provide psycho-social support to those who lost loved ones….lost it all.

While we are initially focused on the day to day emergency assistance needed for these children and families, there will also be needed support to help these families to rebuild their lives and their homes. This project will work with the local organizations and churches to strengthen their capacity to provide ongoing support to their communities. We will also assess what is needed for a second phase intervention to support shelter and reconstruction efforts.

If you feel led to help in any way, please visit:

http:/ / www.conviventia.org
Photos of the devastation in Mocoa, Colombia
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