Paul has remained very busy in surgery.  I know he has wanted to give you an update but he literally has not had enough time.  Most of his cases are conflict related, he continues to see arrow wounds, gunshots and severe beatings. I know that God has guided Paul’s hands and given him supernatural wisdom in more than one case.  The staff and Paul pray before every surgery and invite the Great Physician to scrub in.

As I have rounded a few times with Paul on his patients I am still amazed at his uncanny ability to ‘connect’ with people, even here with a language barrier and under less than the greatest circumstances. I know they feel the sincere compassion and love of Christ coming through, not to mention great medical care! By the way, the surgery floor has two to a bed right now.  Can you imagine?  They don’t seem to mind at all- they are just grateful for the care.

Jackson knows everyone on the compound by name and every one knows Jackson!  He tries to play soccer with Kenyan boys twice his size (who, by the way, are unbelievable soccer players) and they are amazingly patient and so kind to him.  It is one of the sweetest things to see him sitting talking to these boys, asking them questions about their lives, where they live and boy stuff.

The girls are doing wonderful and sleeping very well! Thank you for your prayers.

All three girls are in one room (with a bunk bed and an extra twin) and I hear them at night reading over scripture to each other, giggling and talking.  Memories I will never forget. They continue to be industrious and creative with ways to have fun and be a blessing to those around us.