Looking for relevant, sustainable, reproducible approaches to address community health and development that are adaptable across multiple settings?  CHE provides a strategy for community based transformational development founded on the core values of integration and wholism, commitment to the poor and marginalized, long-term solutions, local ownership and initiative, participatory learning, multiplication, servant leadership, and contextualization.

On August 20-24, 2018, Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) will present “Community Health Evangelism Training of Trainers 1.”  Participants in this highly interactive CHE Training of Trainers 1 (CHE TOT1) will learn approaches to teaching physical and spiritual topics that equip individuals and communities to identify issues and mobilize resources for positive growth and development.  Participatory learning activities are employed through large and small group discussions, various hands-on activities, and methods that can be replicated in the community setting.  Upon completion of the CHE TOT1, participants will become members of the Global CHE Network and receive the CHE Lesson Plan Flash Drive with access to more than 10,000 lessons and teaching aids. Early registration and student discounts are available.

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Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a ministry of Christian doctors, health professionals and health educators serving the poor in places that have little or no access to healthcare. Each year, CHSC brings compassionate, life-saving health services to hundreds of thousands of families around the world. CHSC doctors and health professionals are often the only access to care for young families in poor communities.  Christian Health Service Corps is dedicated to transforming the health of children and families in their communities. Click HERE to learn more about the work of CHSC.