As you walked through the Exhibit Hall at the M3 Conference, you couldn’t miss Bridging the Gap’s exhibitor booth. Their booth contained a large bridge with freshly written names on it. David Soliman, a leader in the non-profit outreach, informed us that these were the names of Muslim people who visitors to the booth knew and took the time to write down.

Bridging the Gap aims to bridge the divide between Western Christians and those from Arab and Muslim regions. Their goal is to share the love of Christ with Muslims in several different ways. For example, they offer life groups that help and assist in understanding Muslim beliefs and culture, host community events in order to connect with Muslims, and also provide refugee programs that share the love of God while meeting the needs of the Muslims.

We are always blessed to hear about our attendees and exhibitors connecting with each other to make a positive difference, so we were delighted when David shared with us that they gained 30 new partners at the M3 Conference!

Thank you, David and Bridging the Gap, for being a part of the 2018 M3 Conference.  We wish you and your new partners the very best!

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