Jambo everybody!!! We arrived safely late last night at Komo Kenyatta! (A Kenyan airport) Last night we were at the baggage claim area and had just taken our last bag from the conveyer belt when we started to realize that our ride was not there! We searched through the crowd of drivers in search of our own. A lady on the airport staff let us borrow her cell phone because it was just a coincidence that my dad’s international-phone was not working at the time! So we called the lady that was supposed to arrange our ride and she said to get a van/taxi from Express (a taxi service). God protected us and we arrived at our hotel safely! This morning we went to a store that is like a Kenyan Wal-Mart but not as nice! We are going to the hospital in two tiny airplanes tomorrow morning so please pray that our next flight will be safe and smooth!