Willy Bustinza, D.O. and Jessee Bustinza, D.O.

Drs. Willy and Jessee Bustinza are a general surgeon and pediatrician team who are passionate about engaging others to participate in medical missions. Willy and Jessee met in Peru at the ages of 3 and 5 when their parents worked together to found a Christian school for impoverished children. The Bustinzas felt God’s call to medical missions during their teen years then went on to complete their medical training at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, OK.

In 2018, the Bustinzas launched to Hospital Misión Tarahumara in Mexico to serve the Tarahumara indigenous community. The Tarahumara are a group of approximately 100,000 people living in a remote canyon who are largely unreached by the Gospel. Sadly, they experience a great deal of physical suffering due to childhood malnutrition. The Bustinzas served for three years through the Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency Program and Christian Health Service Corps. While there, they established a pediatric malnutrition program and a medical education department.

The Bustinzas are now based in Florida raising their three beautiful daughters Lucy (5), Caroline (3) and Emily Joy (1.) They continue to travel to Mexico on a short term basis, equipping national healthcare workers with the tools to impact their own communities. Willy and Jessee share stories from the field on their blog at www.bustinzasbeyondborders.com.