Kathy Marquardt, RDMS, RVT

Born in the northeast I attended a radiologic technology program in Lancaster, PA. Soon after graduation I moved to a small town south of Houston, and Texas has become my permanent home. While I was working as a Radiologic Technologist, I was offered an opportunity to train as a sonographer which opened doors to scan in various environments—hospitals, clinics, offices, as a contract sonographer. After a period of teaching ultrasound continuing education and skills classes, I needed a change of pace so I went to work in the commercial field with SonoSite where I learned Point of Care Ultrasound and have been awarded Clinical Applications Specialist of the Year 3 times.

Staying in the realm of imaging, I love photography especially of my grandchildren’s sports and family events. Travelling is second which I have been fortunate to experience within my job responsibilities at SonoSite.