Jeff Coon

Bringing Solutions to the lack of Access to Healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable- -Jeff, his wife, Denise and their family believe Isaiah 61 is their guiding Scripture “healing the brokenhearted, the deaf hear, the blind see, and the poor have Good News spoken to them.” They have four children, two who are married, and a granddaughter. They are part of their closest circle of friends. Their sons and son-in-law are Ministry and Business Leaders, their oldest daughter is an Elementary Teacher, daughter-in-law an RN, and their youngest daughter is a busy High School Senior. Denise founded, and teaches, a private Christian school and travels with Jeff to share Stories of Hope to FAME partners.  

In 2022 FAME impacted 2 million of the world’s most underserved by partnering with Global Medical Professionals and leaders to provide the resources they need. They treat all people in the name of Jesus and Share the Good News. Jeff and Denise are the founders of “Restoring the Family Ministries” based on Isaiah 61. Pastoring for 3 decades and partnering globally they witnessed the injustice of No Access to healthcare. In 2016, Jeff joined FAME and stepped into a global ministry of medical evangelism -they are bringing solutions to Medical Professionals and Missionaries- in 50+ countries for 50 years! Jeff would like to connect with you to see how partnership can increase Medical Evangelism! FAME can help Sustainable Projects Funded, Equipment and Supplies Shipped, Short-Term Teams Sent- Partnership will increase your impact! Jeff always says, “We partner to make you a better partner for your partners!”  

Jeff has experience teaching internationally on both sides of the equator and hemispheres and across North America. He is a gifted speaker whom non-profits, universities, and churches have brought in to bring timeless impactful messages and encouragement to take next steps in faith. As a master storyteller Jeff would love to come alongside you to encourage you with your part in the Story of Impact through partnership with FAME.