Anna Swanson, JD

Anna Swanson, International Justice Mission (Investigations and Law Enforcement Development); Africa-Europe Region.

Anna Swanson is the Manager of Security, Investigations, and Law Enforcement Development at International Justice Mission’s (“IJM”) field office in Mombasa, Kenya. Anna leads the interventions related to law enforcement on IJM’s counter-commercial sexual exploitation of children project which serves three counties in Kenya (Mombasa, Kwale, and Kilifi).

Anna’s background is in law enforcement (she was a Houston Police Officer for 10 years), and currently she is a licensed attorney (licensed in Texas since 2016).

Anna is passionate about capacity building law enforcement such that police across the globe are inspired and built in their capacity to protect vulnerable people from violence. She believes in what she calls “Policing Renewal” (as opposed to the term used commonly—police reform). Policing renewal involves bringing support and encouragement to those who stand on the front lines of our societies to protect us from crime and violence—to revive within the hearts of police the passion which drove us into the police career in the first place—a passion to protect and to service society from those who seek to harm us. Anna’s team at IJM in Mombasa, Kenya not only investigates child sex trafficking cases and assists police to rescue children from this atrocity; she also works with law enforcement across over ninety stations in Mombasa, Kwale, and Kilifi counties believing that God will ignite a flame inside the hearts of law enforcement to rescue men, women, and children from traffickers and others. Anna believes that Jesus sent her on mission in Kenya to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus and allow Him to extend the scepter of Justice from the throne of God such that children in Kenya and around the world are protected from abuse and violence.